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A few days ago, I received an e-mail notifying me that two of my poems have been accepted for publication in a literary magazine! My. First. Publications. Oh, my God. I screamed and I think I might have also thrown a few swear words if my parents weren’t around. So you get the idea. I was happy.

The literary magazine is chixLIT, which is for girls ages 13-17. You can learn more about it on its website: http://chixlit.com/ Sure, it’s not a big magazine, but step by step, right?

Anyway, changing the topic, in my first entry I wrote about writing snailmail to friends over the summer. In response to that, I got three addresses. Three?! Just three? Cough, cough that means I need more. I’d really like to write to you guys, assuming that I like you (which I probably do). 😀

This a relatively short entry. I sort of like it this way. This way, I can write a little each day instead of typing a 1,000 word entry at 1 AM every five days. 🙂

Thanks for reading! I love you guys!



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