Favorite Songs

Hello third entry! Each entry feels like an accomplishment. 🙂

I think that after you get a blog, your mind is on the lookout for anything interesting to write about. My friend, Alex, asked me about my favorite music yesterday. The question didn’t come out of the blue, but my blogging mind jumped onto that and I decided immediately that my next post would be about my favorite songs. I made a list of songs (in alphabetical order) to tell you a little about me, record my favorites at this moment, and recommend some songs to you. You might notice that I listen to music from a variety of genres. I try to be open-minded about different kinds of music. 🙂 I included YouTube links to the songs. Also, I didn’t list multiple songs by the same artist because in most cases, I like a lot of songs by the same artist – the list would be too long! Here it is:

“A Whole New World” from the movie, Aladdin, sung by Brad Kane and Lea Salonga
This is a Disney song; no need to say why I like it.

“As Long As You’re Mine” from the musical, Wicked, sung by Idina Menzel and Norbert Leo Butz
This is from Broadway. Again, no explanation needed.

“Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga is a genius at songwriting, singing, and performance. And she got 1500s on her SATs (the old ones that were out of 1600)! I am gaga for Gaga! I even made a T-shirt with her face on it in art class. Okay, now that just sounds creepy.

“Bliss” by Muse
I admit, the first time I listened to it, I didn’t like it. I know, I can’t believe that. Did I even listen to the right song? Anyway, I accidentally listened to it again and my opinion completely changed.

“February Air” by Lights
Love the part from 2:15 to 2:48. I’ve also watched some of Lights’s video blog entries. She sounds like a great person to know!

“Hua Xin (Painted Heart)” from the movie, Hua Pi (Painted Skin), sung by Jane Zhang
Last summer, my cousin’s daughter (I have old cousins) showed me this song in China and I could not get enough of it! I’m fluent in Chinese, but not fluent enough to understand a great deal of the song. When I came back to the States, I looked up the lyrics and with the help of my Mom, deciphered the song. The singer’s voice, the instrumental, and the lyrics are beautiful. What else could you ask for in a great song?

“Love Song for a Vampire” from the movie, Dracula, sung by Annie Lennox
This is such a beautiful song. I want to watch the movie soon!

“Poker Face (Lady Gaga Cover)” by the Glee Cast
Lea Michele and Idina Menzel are so talented and I loved the original version by Lady Gaga. So, when combined, it is a musical wonder. In the show, Glee, the mother (Idina Menzel) and the daughter (Lea Michele) sing one last song before parting, so I agree with the people who say, “What the heck? Mother and daughter singing Poker Face?” I just like the song out of context. It sounds very nice.

“Red Hot” by Vanessa-Mae
I love Vanessa-Mae and this song (obviously). I read somewhere that she had the idea for the song when she was young but I can’t find the source or remember what age. That’s impressive if it’s true! I just don’t really get the music video. What’s up with the random guy dancing in the back?

“Sogno ad Occhi Aperti (Daydream)” by Giovanni Sollima
The link goes to Part 1. This song was made by layering cello pieces composed and  played by the brilliant Italian cellist, Giovanni Sollima. The result is a beautiful piece of art. Make sure to check out the music video directed by Lasse Gjertsen (who is really cool) – Giovanni Sollima has six arms in it!

“The Highwayman” by Loreena McKennitt
Loreena McKennitt, whose voice is a treasure, turned Alfred Noyes’s beautiful poem of the same name into a magnificent song. Definitely listen to the song and read the poem! I’ve listened to the song so many times I can memorize most of the poem verses.

“Under Your Spell” by Amber Benson in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
I love the melody in this song. And I love Buffy. I haven’t watched it in years though – I should watch all the episodes this summer. Feel free to buy me the complete box set. 🙂

What are some of your favorite songs?



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7 responses to “Favorite Songs

  1. Adeeba

    Well your musical tastes are very different from mine. I too love Disney music and like Lady Gaga, but the similarities end there.

    I try to keep an open-mind about music too, but my preferred genre is Rock. Specifically, alternative rock and indie rock. Lame as it may sound, I always liked classical music too, even when I was younger, but you can’t like sing along to it.

    I mean obviously lyrics aren’t the most important part of a song, but the lyrics are the best way to feel close to the music, you know?

    My favorite bands are Switchfoot, Relient K, The Classic Crime, and Deas Vail. I absolutely love them all. Their sounds are rather different, but their music is all equally amazing. I shall burn you a CD!

    • Hey Deebers (HAHA)!

      Oh, I love classical music! I know some good songs that I should have listed…

      I agree. Lyrics do make you feel close to the music. You can usually get a general sense of the mood from just instrumentals, but it’s very vague (some lyrics are very vague too). For example, some songs in classical music have stories behind them that I can only figure out from their programs.

      Thank you! I’ll burn you a CD too!

  2. LOVE Lorenna McKennitt!!!

  3. Have you ever heard her version of The Lady of Shalott by Alfred Lord Tennyson? It’s also quite beautiful. You can get it on YouTube, I like the live versions best.

  4. Woah the Glee cover of Poker Face was… different. Really different. OH DANG.

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